We Are Here For You

HACK CARE is a catalogue of more than 240 pages of ideas to make your home a friendlier environment for you and your loved ones with dementia. It assembles practical hacks, surprising ideas, and simple tips and tricks to simplify your life as you cope with the daily challenges of caregiving, while transforming them into meaningful and enriching moments.

It also shares diverse stories that uncover the human experience and emotions behind the caregiving journey – with the hope that you will never feel alone. Let this ‘catalogue of ideas’ inspire you to come up with your own brilliant hacks, uniquely tailored to your very own needs.

Go ahead. Hack care.

The Team Behind It

HACK CARE is an independent initiative made possible with the combined efforts of the Lien Foundation, Lekker Architects and Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio. We also thank Ruth Wong, Eric Lim and Dr. Wong Chek Hooi, for generously sparing their time to offer their insights and wisdom.

Lien Foundation

Lien Foundation is a Singapore-based philanthropic organisation that seeks to inspire social change and improve the lives of seniors, children with special needs and those who are born into low-income homes.

Lekker Architects
Lekker Architects is a Singapore-based group of designers, architects, and social scientists whose interest lies in projects with big ambitions: from buildings that promote inclusion, neighbourhoods that encourage walking and socialising, to dreamlike retail experiences that are exciting and transformative.

Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio
Lanzavecchia + Wai Studio is a multi-award winning industrial design studio based both in Singapore and Italy. To them, being designers means being researchers, engineers, craftsmen and story-tellers all at the same time.